Go Girl, Go!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a month long overnight with your best friends, and every day was full of exciting things to do?!?

Imagine hanging out with cool college kids while you learn to do new stuff that you’ve always wanted to do like playing guitar, shooting a bow and arrow, or riding a horse. Of course, the food would have to be good (lots of ice cream), it would be fun to have a beach (maybe a private beach!), and maybe you could even squeeze in a trip…

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Star of the Play, Sailer, Dancer, Chef

You decide what you’re going to do.

That’s right. You get to make grown-up choices all on your own. Activities at camp are a blast, and you choose what you want to take — arts & crafts, climb the 50 foot wall, play sports, waterskiing, or be in a play.

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Camp Life

Chippewa is a camp that’s just for girls ages 7-15. We’re not too big, or too small — 214 girls.

You’ll live in a cabin with about 10 other girls and 5 counselors. The cabins are a little “rustic”, but homey and super comfortable — private bathrooms, showers, dressers for your clothes, and plenty of space for the rest of your stuff.


Food at camp is great. There are lots of fun meals with the stuff you like eating at home, plus a granola and yogurt parfait bar in the mornings, a salad bar at lunch and dinner, and a yummy pasta bar at dinner!

More Fun & Friends

On top of all that, Chippewa has some cool traditions, we take fun trips, play capture the flag, and that’s not all — you’re going to meet new girls from all over!

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Every summer new girls just like you come to camp. On the first day they don’t know anyone, which is kind of neat if you think about it. The kids at home all think they know everything about you, but at camp you’ll discover things about yourself that no one knows. Doesn’t that sound like fun!?!

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Meet Lisa

What’s life going to be like without mom? Well, it’s going to be different, but is different bad? No, it’s just part of growing up! Of course you’ll miss your mom, but while you’re at camp you’ll have Lisa. She’s Audry & Vivien’s mom, and she watches out for all of our Chippewa girls — especially someone new like you!

Learn About Lisa