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You believe in your little girl. We believe in the woman she can be.

Dear parent,

We are at a pivotal moment when girls have an opportunity to have a voice, to have a place, in the world. We value your daughter — who she is, and who she wants to be. That isn’t to say that she already knows herself. She may not, and that’s OK.

Your daughter needs a safe space in the world, somwhere away from “normal” life. Sometimes it’s nice for life to feel like a blank canvas. At our girls camp you have that rare opportunity. It’s a fresh start where things seem familiar, but at the same time they’re new.

Every summer we see girls transformed and parents amazed. “Who is this confident, responsible, friendly child?” some ask. When you take away the stress of school, the peer groups, the emotional baggage, the assumptions… little by little you discover… freedom!

Lisa & I try to help campers discover themselves by being themselves.

As parents ourselves, we know the challenges girls face, and we know it’s a complex world. That’s why we are so happy to provide this opportunity for your daughter.

All the best,
Cliff & Lisa