Do you remember?

Remember the sound of a keylog bouncing off of a stone and into a hot Friday night campfire, the smell of the red pines on that long walk to the stables, the sight of an orange moon hovering over the lake casting a trail of light through the darkness, the call of a loon at sunrise?

Tucked away in the beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin, Chippewa sits, flooded with heartwarming memories and a constant hum of energy and spirit. That same energy and spirit still resonates through these woods over half a century later… long after Chippewa campers built their first campfire. And just as the cabin lights go out and the owl sings it’s final tune, you return for one last visit, for one last long walk, for one last hug, for one last memory. Welcome back to camp.

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Thanks for taking a moment to revisit your old stomping ground. We feel very strongly about staying in touch with all of you, and keeping in tune with the great history of Chippewa Ranch Camp. Please take some time to update our database with any new info that you might have available.

Preserving History

In our efforts toward restoring Chippewa’s history, we are looking for any fragments of camp treasure, however small they may be. If you have some photos, an old logo tee shirt, a song, a tan and white cheer lost in time or even an old Chippewa year book, please email to or mail them to 8258 County O Eagle River, WI 54521. We will gladly return them after we are finished photographing and documenting. Please let us know if you are planning to send something via mail.

We look forward to staying in touch and hearing from you all soon.

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CRC Movie Collection:

We all remember our summers at CRC but some of those memories are more vivid than others. Photos and videos can help bring back some of our fondest childhood and camp memories. Check out our collection of CRC Summer Videos below. We will continue to update this page with more videos each month. If you have a video that isn’t posted yet, send an email…we might want to borrow it if we don’t have that year’s video on hand. Enjoy!

CRC Video Archive

CRC Alumnae Assocation

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The CRC Alumnae Assocation was established in the Fall of 2019 and since then has been a driving force in continuing to build a strong alumni connection across generations of Chippies. The Alumnae Board has a strong mission with a focus on social, professional and phlanthropic development.

LEARN MORE: CRC Alumnae Association
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Alumnae Camp

Ever since you left Chippewa for the last time, you’ve wished you could return. Now you can!

Learn How
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We are very excited to bring you the Chip Chat- a quarterly newsletter to provide updates on what’s happening with the CRC Alumni Association and our fellow Chippewa alum.

Click the button below to access the CHIP CHAT Archive!

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Camp for All Kids

Help the Next Generation of Campers

At Chippewa we are deeply rooted in great tradition, historic richness and strong philosophical beliefs. We take pride in being part of such a special place, but we also take our responsibility to children very seriously. We believe that camp is important for not just a select group of children, but for all children.

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Girls who come to Chippewa learn real life skills, develop self-esteem, gain a sense of independence, and build social skills. Studies have shown that children who attend summer camp are more likely to succeed in both the classroom and in the workforce. Unfortunately, camp is not always possible for every child. In response to this reality, six overnight summer camps have come together to form the Camp For All Kids Foundation (Chippewa Ranch Camp, Kamaji, Birchtrail, Camp Timberlane, North Star Camp, and Camp Menominee). The Camp For All Kids Foundation (CFAK) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been sending financially less fortunate children from under-served communities to overnight summer camp since 1997. Since its inception the organization has awarded thousands of camperships!

Please consider making a contribution to this great foundation. You can learn more about CFAK by visiting their website.