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Our Philosophy

Girls’ Camp

I see the pitfalls and obstacles that exist for girls — we are at a pivotal moment when girls have the opportunity to strengthen their voice, to have an even greater impact in their world. Lisa and I look at each camper as if they were our own daughter, and we want them to thrive!

Cliff Lissner | Owner & Director

Girls in today’s world face so many social pressures unique to their generation, and it’s hitting earlier and earlier. Their day-to-day lives are full of insecurities and questions of self-worth. Selfie culture can be toxic if you don’t have the right perspective.

Time away from home in a girls-only environment provides the right opportunity for your daughter to bond, learn, grow and have fun without the “normal” social anxieties.

Building and maintaining relationships is so important! It’s healthy to be self-aware, knowing your strengths, and areas where you want to grow. Being able to own these things, independently of parents or peers — this is maturity. Camp is a place where a girl can let her hair down and be herself, without fear or shame!

We have long term goals and short term goals for each camper. In the short term, your daughter might come home and be a little more responsible. In the long term, we want your daughter to grow in kindness, fortitude, integrity, and confidence.

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The Chippewa Compass

Kindness, Integrity, Fortitude & Confidence

These virtues are the currency of camp. The four points of the compass were introduced to campers in 2016 as a way to carry our long-standing traditions and values into the future. Since then we have continued minting coins with the virtues we want to praise and encourage in our campers.

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… and many more!

Each coin is a reminder of a virtue. The coins are presented to campers who are observed demonstrating one of our values in an exemplary fashion.