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What to Expect

Being a summer camp counselor is no ordinary student job! You might have found this page by searching for “summer job” and you might be thinking summer camp sounds like fun. You’re right! But we also want you to have realistic expectations. You’re coming to camp to serve the girls and make their summer wonderful, Putting others before yourself is rewarding, especially when you’re working with children. Read on, and then if you think Chippewa is the right place for you, submit your application!

It’s Hard Work

Your job is to smile, be encouraging, comforting, patient, and kind — even when you don’t feel like it. Young girls are going to look up to you like you’re a rock star. You need to set a good example, because they’re paying attention to everything you say and do.

Days start early and finish late. You’re going to get bug bites. Summer weather can be hot and sweaty one day, rainy and cold the next. You won’t be using your phone non-stop like you do at home. The closest Walmart is 25 minutes away.

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Cabin Life

You will live in a cabin with 4 other counselors, and 10 - 14 campers. You’ll see a lot of each other, every day, for almost 2 months. You’re going to make incredible friends, and you’ll shed some tears along the way.

Camp is a wonderful place to be. It’s also intense. You get time off, but when you’re working you’ve really got to be “on”. One minute you’re helping someone with their tennis swing, the next moment you’re listening as someone pours out their heart, changing sheets on a wet bed, or helping resolve a cabin conflict.

Summer Camp Is Fun

People say that camp friends are the best friends, and if you aren’t a former camper you don’t know this yet, but it’s true. You’re going to have a great time doing all sorts of things you haven’t done before, you’ll meet people from all over the world, you’ll be looked up to and admired, and you’re going to sleep better than you ever have. You won’t want to go home when the summer ends. Camp is that much fun.

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Work Starts Before Camp Starts

Prior to camp opening you will go through extensive training. You’ll get to know the other counselors and senior staff. You’ll learn everything that is expected of you and you’ll have time to practice. You might even pick up some new certifications and skills.

Serious Work & Serious Benefits

You’ll give a lot of yourself, and in return you’ll discover strength you didn’t know you had. You’ll be paid, but the paycheck won’t be as valuable as the experience you’ll have for your resume. Working at camp prepares you for life in ways other summer jobs do not. If you are offered a position at Chippewa you will be stepping up, accepting real responsibilities that are meaningful. You’ll be changing lives, and you will be changed in the process.