Summer Camp Registered Nurse Job Description

Desired Qualifications

  • Licensed (in the appropriate state) as a registered nurse (or other appropriate training as approved by the camp physician)
  • Experience with children and young adults desirable
  • Ability to originate, update and/or monitor health care, maintain records, and implement the health care plan
  • Current CPR and first aid certifications
  • Desire to live and work in the camp community

Responsible To

Camp Director

Camp Goals

To foster in campers the development of lasting friendships; an understanding of community and partnership; new interests and new skills; self-confidence; far-reaching goals; creativity, humor and colorful imaginations; a respect for diversity and culture and the spirit of kindness, generosity, empathy and love—all within the boundaries of a safe and healthy environment.

General Responsibilities

To be the a RN for the camp — to supervise health and cleanliness standards, work with the camp director and staff, and help provide adequate physical health conditions for all. This includes, but is not limited to, tasks such as:

  • Ensure each staff member and camper has on file a Health History and Physician Examination Form
  • Setup system for health screening for arriving campers and staff, as well as a system for health screening for trips out of camp Conduct inventory of supplies and inform director when additional supplies need to be ordered
  • Establish and follow appropriate medical routines, including recordkeeping in the daily medical log, disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications, and utilizing approved standing orders
  • Coordinate coverage of Health Center
  • Post hours for daily medications and health call
  • Participate in and lead specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and safety, CPR, first aid, and use of universal precautions for infection control
  • Keep accident/incident reports that can be used for risk management assessment
  • Monitor health of all staff
  • Prepare a summary and evaluation of the camp season including inventories, staff evaluations, camper reports on health problems, and make recommendations for the following season
  • Monitor/evaluate camp procedures, facilities and conditions and suggest modifications that would create more healthful conditions in the camp
  • Other duties as assigned

Specific Responsibilities

Distribute daily medication

  • Organize daily and as-needed medications
  • Distribute medications at appropriate times

Be present in the Health Center

  • There should always be at least one nurse in the Health Center (RN or CNA)
  • Assess campers and staff who are ill or injured and determine if further medical attention is required
  • Take time to listen to campers and ask appropriate questions in order to make thoughtful medical-related decisions for each situation
  • Campers should be heard and cared for

Having a handle on each camper’s medical needs

  • Go over each health form before campers arrive
  • Bi-weekly health checks for each camper
  • Pre- and post-trip health checks

Communicate with the admin team and camp staff

  • Meet weekly with Cliff, Lisa and/or Sari
  • Keep counselors up-to-date on camper health issues and needs
  • Always be on a radio when in camp, and be prepared to respond to emergencies
  • Work with camp doctors when they are there

Be a part of the camp community

  • Attend Monday evening staff meetings (at least 2 members of the health team per week)
  • Promote good health and hygiene to campers
  • Form relationships with the campers and staff
  • Participate in all-camp activities

Maintain a clean and organized Health Center

  • Always have ice packs on hand
  • Maintain inventory

Keep all necessary health records and documentation

  • Health Log
  • MARS
  • Health Center Calendar

Ensure parents are informed of any changes in their campers’ health

  • Parents should be called when their camper is going out of camp to seek health care, staying overnight in the Health Center or incurred an injury that would be apparent in photos
  • Update parents at least once every 24 hours until their camper is back to full health
  • Spend time on the phone with parents who might have questions or concerns

Oversee camp’s operations from a health perspective

  • Providing activity areas, cabins and storm shelters with properly stocked first-aid kits
  • Make sure Epi-Pens are properly placed around camp
  • Work with trip leaders to prepare them for any medical issues, allergies and/or medication distribution

Make appointments for and accompany campers to any health appointments outside of camp

Essential Functions

  • Drive to doctor or emergency treatment locations
  • Lift/assist campers or staff
  • Read prescriptions and health exams from physicians
  • Get to remote locations on camp property quickly
  • Use telephone
  • Observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp