Lisa Lissner

Owner & Director
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What Does Lisa Do?

  • Lisa is the quintessential “Camp Mom” and the “warm touch” — campers love this about her
  • She connects with girls in a way that offers them a feeling of comfort and safety while they’re away from home
  • She is the connection between parents and their daughters during the summer — she spends half of her day taking care of the needs of our campers, and the other half communicating with parents
  • Lisa leads cabin bonding exercises with the campers, and helps them work through issues that pop up during the summer
  • She works with staff to make sure that they know everything there is to know about each child before she gets off the bus, from personality forms, to allergy information, etc…
  • She plans and runs our value-based Friday Night Campfires — she literally writes the script
  • Lisa hangs out with campers and has fun with them playing with the dogs, and teaching them how to eat sour cherry balls

How Do the Kids Know Lisa?

They know her as a kind, warm hearted, fun loving person. Campers know she truly cares about them. Lisa sees her daughters in each of the girls, and uses this as her guide.

How is Lisa Changing the World?

Through special moments with each camper — Lisa is the reason we focus so much on kindness. It starts with, and truly comes from her. She presents herself as the type of person our campers want to be like some day, and she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. She is always sure to present her best self around the watchful, impressionable eyes of our campers.

How Do Parents Know Lisa?

Lisa communicates regularly with Chippy moms & dads, keeping them informed and up to speed on their daughter’s experience. She does an excellent job partnering with parents to make sure that our camp girls are being provided with the most rewarding experience possible.