Sophie Marwil

Associate Director

Sophie has been with Chippewa for over a decade and is a second generation Chippy. She has a wonderful relationship with our campers, parents and staff alike.

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What Does Sophie Do at Camp?

  • Sophie works directly with Sari Hirsch in overseeing programming, logistics, and planning
  • She works closely with all activity instructors and assists them in creating & implementing daily activity plans
  • She handles staff time-off — helping with planning and transportation
  • Sophie is a source of support and fun for campers at Chippewa - she can always be found with multiple campers surrounding her with smiles on their faces
  • She manages the “Reflections” letters that go out to parents at the end of each summer (our version of a parent letter, but it’s more of a newsletter with weekly entries from the camper’s various counselors)
  • She writes The Sari Diaries - our daily blog - on Thursday nights
  • Sophie puts on costumes & dances!

How Do the Girls at Camp Know Sophie?

She is always in the office so they see her all of the time. She is the person who helps when a camper has questions related to their daily activities. The girls see her in the morning because she does breakfast announcements. She is all-around fun and sweet!

What Kind of an Example Does Sophie Set for Girls?

Sophie is an outstanding person. She is kind and hardworking. The girls all tend to love her, so they try to emulate her example.

Did You Know?

In 2018, the camp’s theater was named Sophie’s Center Stage.