Sari Hirsch

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What Does Sari Do?

  • She oversees the camp program, and the daily details of camp operations
  • She regularly communicates with parents during the off-season as well as during the summer
  • She interviews and hires the staff during the year and she oversees them throughout the summer
  • Sari writes our daily blog four days each week during the summer, which provides a recap and highlights of the day at CRC
  • She also hosts a Podcast - Happy Camping and Love - twice a week which features campers and staff describing camp life from their perspective
  • Sari enjoys spending time with campers and staff- sometimes for fun and sometimes with a purpose- be it in the office, around camp or in cabins, she makes a point to be a part of their camp experience

How Do the Kids Know Sari?

Girls immediately recognize Sari when they get off the bus because she gets to meet most new campers before the summer. They know they can count on her to have answers!

Sari is silly and fun. She does her very special dance every time she gets up to do announcements while the girls sing her song. They see her as kind, caring, and fun to be around — they like to hang out with her, and they grow to appreciate her thoughtful insight and problem solving skills.

What Kind of an Example Does Sari Set for Chippewa Girls?

She is highly respected and she leads with kindness. She is hardworking and responsible. She sets a fantastic example in that regard. They see she is loyal, and has dedicated her life to Chippewa AND the girls of Chippewa.

How is Sari Changing the World?

By leading through example and encouraging campers (and staff) to always take the high road and “do the right thing.”