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Join the Tan & White Step Challenge Today!

For many Chippies, Tan & White is one of the best parts of camp. It is a long-standing tradition that fosters leadership, friendship, sportsmanship, spirit and more. While many traditional Tan & White programs do not translate well into a remote setting, we still want to cultivate the essence of Tan & White competition this summer. We thought that a step challenge would be a fun summer-long way to keep campers, staff and alumni connected to each other and to camp.

You may be thinking… how will this work? We will be using an app called Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker to track steps. It can be downloaded (for free) from the Apple App Store…the app is a blue icon with a white gym shoe on it. Once downloaded, you can join the Tan or White (or Neutral) Team through Chippewa Ranch Camp’s page by following the directions below:

  • Download the Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker app (it’s blue with a white gym shoe) and create a Pacer login.
  • Allow your login authorization to access your health information (so your steps auto-populate). If you prefer not to link this app with your health information or if you wear a Fit Bit (which unfortunately cannot be linked with this app), there is also an option to manually input steps.
  • Go to the Explore Tab in the right bottom corner of your screen.
  • Once in the Explore Tab, click on “Corporate” in the top righthand corner.
  • Enter “cq74047” as the Input Invitation Code.
  • Chippewa Ranch Camp should pop up as the Group. Click Join.
  • You should be directed to a selection menu. Click to join the Tan or White team—whichever you are on!

Once you download the app and join the Tan or White Team, you are ready to go! As participants’ steps load into their accounts, you will be able to see the top 50 individual participants on the leaderboard. You will not be able to see the overall standings of the Tan and White teams as a whole, however, we will provide weekly updates to give you an idea of how your team is doing. This step challenge will run from today through Sunday, August 9. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@chippewasari and @chippewaranchcamp) as well as on Facebook for updates on your team’s standing. Please reach out with any questions.

Thanks for participating, and best of luck to both teams!

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  1. Lindsay Farbman (White Team)- 149,646 Steps
  2. Lauren Marwil (Tan Team)- 117,624 Steps
  3. Ellie Goone (Tan Team)- 103,925 Steps
  4. Melissa Margolis (Tan Team)- 102,935 Steps
  5. Jamie Schor (Tan Team)- 99,307 Steps

JULY 20-26

  1. Lindsay Farbman (White Team)- 146,121 Steps
  2. Sari Hirsch (Neutral)- 140,518 Steps
  3. Melissa Deutschman (Tan Team)- 85,600 Steps
  4. Katie Liguori (White Team)- 85,304 Steps
  5. Ally Chaiken (Tan Team)- 85,028 Steps

JULY 13-19

  1. Melissa Deutschman (Tan Team)- 131,991 Steps
  2. Lindsay Farbman (White Team)- 110,429 Steps
  3. Sari Hirsch (Neutral)- 105,468 Steps
  4. Ari Goldwasser (White Team)- 97,337 Steps
  5. Katie Liguori (White Team)- 91,337 Steps



  1. Lindsay Farbman (White Team)- 386,670 Steps
  2. Melissa Margolis (Tan Team)- 261,919 Steps
  3. Melissa Deutschman (Tan Team)- 252,586 Steps
  4. Casey Cushing (White Team)- 248,339 Steps
  5. Lauren Marwil (Tan Team)- 226,258 Steps