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Sammy “Ro-Buishia” Kleinman

8th Summer

My name is Sammy Kleinman but people at camp call me Ro-Buishia. This year will be my 8th summer at Chippewa. I am from Columbus, Ohio and am currently a student at Colombus School for Girls. Outside of camp, I like to do pilates and I am involved in Student Council. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I broke my leg walking in princess heals when I was 3.

This summer at camp, I will be teaching fitness. I like teaching this activity because I feel strong after I complete a workout and I want to share that great feeling with others! My favorite camp meal is paninis and my favorite Cathy’s flavor is Caramel Collision. Lip Sync is my favorite Evening Program because there is nothing better than dancing on stage with your best friends. I love being a Chippy because I get to spend 8 weeks with the best people in the best place. I am most excited for the summer of 2023 because I will have campers of my own!!!!

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