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Sabrina Borstein

9th Summer

My name is Sabrina and this year will be my 9th summer at Chippewa. I am from Highland park, IL and am currently a sophomore at Highland Park High School. Outside of camp, I am involved in lacrosse, tennis, and mock trial. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I have 4 dogs and 2 cats.

This summer at camp, I will be teaching activities down on the waterfront. I like teaching these activities because the waterfront is one of my favorite places in camp. My favorite camp meal is Chinese food night and my favorite Cathy’s flavor is Mackinac Island Fudge. Tan & White is my favorite Evening Program because I love everything about it. I love being a Chippy because it is where I am most happy. I am most excited for the summer of 2022 because I get to be a counselor and run Tan & White!

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