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Olivea Crothers

4th Summer

My name is Olivea but people at camp call me Milly. This year will be my 4th summer at Chippewa. I am from New Zealand and am currently a qualified personal trainer. Outside of camp, I like to go to the gym or be with my friends. One thing not a lot of people know about me is my hair is blonde now!

This summer at camp, I will be teaching wall and ropes. I like teaching these activities because they are lots of fun and keep my adrenaline pumping. My favorite camp meal is BBQ and my favorite Cathy’s flavor is jolted cow. Foam Party is my favorite Evening Program because it’s so messy and fun. I love being a Chippy because I can be myself. I am most excited for the summer of 2021 because I can’t wait to reunite with all of my campers and friends!

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