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Lauren Hill

2nd Summer

My name is Lauren and this year will be my 2nd summer at Chippewa. I am from Yorkshire in England and am currently studying Popular Music Performance at Leeds Arts University. Outside of camp, I like to write/play music and socialise with friends. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I trained in musical theatre at a stage school for 8 years.

This summer at camp, I will be teaching guitar. I like teaching this activity because it’s what I love doing and all the kids who sign up for it are so enthusiastic about learning guitar. My favourite camp meal is BBQ and my favourite Cathy’s flavour is Pirate’s Booty. The Lip Sync challenge is my favourite Evening Program because I love seeing how creative everyone gets with their performances. I love being a Chippy because it means I get to be a part of this amazing community with lots of incredible people from all around the world. I am most excited about the summer of 2022 because I can’t wait to see all of my camp friends again!

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