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Kayleigh Dyble

3rd Summer

My name is Kayleigh and this year will be my 3rd summer at Chippewa. I am from Colchester in England and recently finished studying my early childhood degree at university. Since finishing my degree, I have been working as an assistant manager in a restaurant! Outside of camp, I like to be creative and especially enjoy making scrapbooks full of photos and memories. I also love to spend time with my friends and family. I love exploring new places around the world whilst learning new things and meeting amazing people. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I love camping! Ever since I was young, I have spent a lot of time outdoors and camping in new places with my family.

My favorite camp meal is grilled cheese, especially with the tomato soup! During my first year at camp I was so surprised when everyone was dipping grilled cheese into soup because we don’t do that in England, but it is amazing and now one of my favorite things ever! My favorite Cathy’s flavor is Jolted Cow. Capture the Flag is my favorite Evening Program because it is so fun for everyone and requires teamwork. I love being a Chippy because it is my favorite place in the world. The atmosphere at camp is always enjoyable and exciting, with everyone showing support for one another. Camp has allowed me to create the most amazing memories and meet the most extraordinary people that will definitely be friends for life. I am so excited for the summer of 2022 to make even more memories and be back with my Chippy family!

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