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Sadie Shaw

8th Summer

My name is Sadie but people at camp call me Sader Tot or just Sadie! This year will be my 8th summer at Chippewa. I am from Milwaukee, WI and am currently a junior at Homestead High School. Out of camp, I am on a club rowing team, as well as being on a philanthropy board and working on my school’s yearbook!

This summer at camp, I will hopefully be at the waterfront teaching water activities and being a lifeguard! I like teaching these activities because the waterfront so truly the heart of camp and where some of the best memories can be made! My favorite camp meal is Sunday Breakfast and my favorite Cathy’s flavor is White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Tan & White is my favorite Evening Program because it teaches everyone to work as a team and is so much fun! I love being a Chippy because camp is a place to make your best friends for forever and memories to last a lifetime! I am most excited for the 2023 summer since I get to have another amazing summer at camp where I am happiest and to make more more memories with my campers and age group!

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