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Emily Connell

10th Summer!

My name is Emily and this year will be my 10th summer at Chippewa! I am from Deerfield, IL, and am currently a student at the University of Miami in Florida where I study elementary education and dance. Outside of camp, I am the merchandise specialist and recruitment analyst for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I am also the secretary of an organization called COPE (counseling outreach peer education). COPE is an organization that promotes mental health and connects students to the services offered at the University of Miami counseling center. Ending the stigma surrounding mental health is one of my greatest passions in life, and COPE gives me the platform to do this. I hope to bring some of my work from COPE to camp this summer to continue spreading knowledge about mental health.

This summer at camp, you will see me at the buddy board or with my campers! My favorite camp meal is chicken fingers or BBQ, and my favorite Cathy’s flavor is Vanilla (I know, very boring). Lip Sync is my favorite Evening Program because I love spending time with my campers practicing several days before. I am also a Realm enthusiast and a member of the Dev Team- I am excited for what’s to come in summer 2021, as it will be EPIC! I love being a Chippy because Chippy girls are my people. There is nobody more kind, funny, or loyal than a Chippy girl. I am most excited about the summer of 2021 because I miss my happy place! I can’t wait for all the staff and campers to reunite at our favorite place. I’m also excited to see how much everyone has changed and grown since summer 2019, as it’s been two whole school years since then! Summer 2021 at CRC is much needed!

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