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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Hello from CRC! We are still buzzing from our Fourth of July festivities and some of us still have remnants of paint on our bodies to prove it (at least I do…I just realized!). And today with all the happiness and love carried over from yesterday, we gladly jumped right back into a typical day. It’s already a bit late as I am sitting down to write this post so I am going to be brief. I do have a couple of details to share though…

We had our first day of “B-Day” activities for the second two weeks and they were awesome. In cooking, they made delicious snickerdoodles that I was privileged enough to have two of (thanks to Ari B and Taylor Finley for sharing). And at skiing, Emerson M got up and around the lake on two skis, Julia F and Logan R lifted a ski for ten seconds, and Emma S, Emerson R and Ellie C crossed the wakes on one ski. In other exciting news, Cate M and Emmy B are official 2023 Gold Club Members! Archery is once again one of our most popular activities and campers are loving it out there.

This evening we had our very first Cabin Night of the summer. It was a nice chill night, which was much appreciated after our wild and crazy day yesterday. The cabin of Wagon Ridge celebrated Mia R’s birthday with a movie and pizza party…they were adorable in the Main House laying on the Xorbees (huge bean bags) just loving life. A-Frame, Cactus and Horseshoe played a fun nucomb tournament and Copper Stripes decorated cookies in the Cooking Academy. Other cabins did scavenger hunts, played pickle ball and made marshmallow towers. All over camps, campers & staff were connecting and appreciating just being together.

Okay, that’s all for now from #TheRanch2023…more from Sophie tomorrow and then I will be back on Friday! Have a great night and I will talk to y’all soon!

Happy Camping and Love,