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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Another Monday means another Lakeview guest blogger. Tonight I am excited to introduce Sadie S, who has written a lovely post for all of you. Sadie is a fun camper who is incredibly kind, inclusive and silly. We love Sadie around here, and love that she loves camp so much…she is one of those campers that truly has a positive impact on this community each and every day! THANK YOU, Sadie for taking the time to do this…we all appreciate it! Enjoy everybody and happy 4th of July!

Happy Camping and Love,

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Happy Monday Chippy Friends and Family!

It’s July 3rd and you know what that means…4th of July is tomorrow! As a Lakeview camper, this summer has been incredibly eye-opening to see how hard Lakeview works to create an exciting and engaging day for not just campers but staff as well. We have really been enjoying planning for this big day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

As my cabin and I were working hard painting this morning, we got carried away and we all ended up painting each other’s bodies and faces to look like minions. We then ran around camp looking for a lifeguard and luckily Alexis T offered her time so we could jump in the lake. Although all this planning can be stressful at times, these memories make it more than worth it.

The day did not only consist of 4th planning…we also had the Camp Horseshoe boys who are brothers of the Chippies come over for lunch and a short afternoon hangout. It was so wholesome watching siblings reunite. It also reminded me how lucky I am to share this place with my sibling, Stella.

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In addition to all of this, we had a coin ceremony and activities today. In skiing, Harlow R got up on two skis for ten seconds, Riley S and Rosie H passed lifting, Leni B, Quinn M, Jillian C and Stella G passed dropping for ten seconds, Laney K passed getting up on one for ten seconds and getting around, Alexa R passed getting up and around on one, and Chloe G passed crossing the wakes on one. Woah- that’s a lot of passed levels! At the Center Fire Circle, Emma S was awarded the Catalyst Coin, Sophie B was awarded the Strength Coin, Sophie S was awarded the Work Ethic Coin and Luke B was awarded the Selflessness Coin. I loved seeing these campers and counselors get the acknowledgement they deserve!

During dinner, we cheered for Tan & White for Barnyard Bedlam. Personally, cheering for Tan & White is one of my favorite parts of camp. I say this because when you look around and every single person is participating and screaming their hearts out even without knowing every word, it is amazing.

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Another great factor of Mondays is the excitement of the campers when they are called for canteen after dinner. It’s crazy! Campers were called by cabin to the Hirschy Bar and they sprinted to get their candy. The Airhead Extremes seem to be really popular this summer!

Barnyard as a whole is a fun game that gives campers a chance to dress up silly and come out of their shell. Every age group had a different animal noise to make as they tried to collect erasers. The White Team won tonight…go Whites!

As I mentioned before 4th of July is tomorrow so I should probably go finish setting up. I could not be more excited to watch everyone’s faces reacting to the theme, and their huge smiles as they run around at the carnival with no worries in their minds. As much as I’m sad I’m not experiencing those feelings this year, I’m tremendously looking forward to feeling it through everyone’s faces.