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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

How did we get back to Friday already?! I just cannot believe that a week from today, First Session will officially be in the rearview mirror. That said, life is going great at #TheRanch2023…it seems like everybody living at 8258 County O has truly settled into camp life. While things are moving at the speed of light, I am confident that friendships are being strengthened, there is a definite appreciation for the gift of camp and campers & staff alike are feeling connected to CRC. As for the specifics of today, it was an outstanding one, and here’s how it went…

On a typical Friday morning, we play campfire songs in the lodge during breakfast But today was not a typical Friday. As I am sure most of you know, Taylor Swift released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) at midnight EST. Campers were buzzing about it and it seemed necessary to play the album this morning. And boy was it a hit! The Chippewa family was singing together throughout breakfast happy as could be. It was special and happy…even the non-Swifties in the group couldn’t help but feel the goodness. Throughout the rest of the day we played the album in the office for our visitors to enjoy.

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As for news that doesn’t involve Taylor Swift, we had a full day of regular activities! Campers were excited to make pizza in cooking…they say it was delicious though I didn’t have the chance to taste it myself. When I stopped by the ropes course, I got to see Maddie Z going down the TrueBlue, which was awesome! And at the Center Fire Circle, Danielle K was teaching a very cute guitar class with Lincoln Z, Jordie K and Maddie Z. Over at skiing, there were lots of passed levels and achievements! Dylan C & Annie B got up and around on two skis, Shiloh C & Logan W lifted a ski for ten seconds, Ella E & Jacklin R dropped a ski and was up on one for ten seconds and Julia M dropped and crossed the wakes on one. Down by the fishing docks, campers enjoyed going out on the lake on the pontoon boat…a good old fashioned Chippy lake tour!

After an excellent Friday night dinner (brisket, kugel, potato pancakes & carrots), we had our Friday Night Campfire. Sadie S led the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” themed evening and she did a fantastic job. Ella E, Talia S and Sophie B lowered the flag at the formal retreat while Bailey F held the flag box and Sadie G & Julia N sang the Star Spangled Banner. Tonight’s readers of poems, quotes and stories included Sadie G, Maddie J, Maya F, Savannah M, Ellie L, Andie G, Emma S and Lila G. Amazing sermonettes were written and read by Ro-Buish, Ari B and Evah R. The CR-Singers sang “House at Pooh Corner” and “Friends,” and Leah Berns was joined by Emma E and Hannah R in her weekly performance of a Taylor Swift song (this week is was “Clean”). And we had a really nice Keylog Ceremony where two Rafter^X campers thanked Lakeview for such a great Fourth of July and others thanked counselors, cabinmates, sisters, cousins and friends for their support. Overall it was a really lovely evening that capped of a stupendous day!

So yeah- life at #TheRanch2023 was pretty incredible today…we had a blast! That’s all for tonight…thanks for reading…I’ll be back tomorrow night!

Happy Camping and Love,