Congratulations to Julia B, Maddie B, Sophie B, Sophie B, Leah C,Maddyn C, Ella E, Julia E, Avery F, Carly G, Sadie G, Maddie K, Cate M, Avery R, Annie S, Braelyn S, Olivia S, Lucy W, Audrey Z and Ro-Buish for answering the April Quiz questions! You will be entered in a Cathy’s raffle at the 2023 Opening Friendship Fire. Below are the answers to the April Chippy Trivia Quiz!

  1. What were the 2022 Songfest themes?
    Tan Side Out and Wreck-It Ralph Whites
  2. Name at least one destination campers go on for overnight camping trips.
    Many possible answers including: The HNS, Crystal Lake, Bond Falls, Porcupine Mountains, Mackinac Island
  3. Who are the campers pictured above?
    Leni B, Haddie I and Ivy R
  4. How many trampolines do we have at CRC?
    9- 8 at Trampball and 1 in the Lake
  5. Who are the 2023 Ten Year Girls?
    Lindsay Adess, Samantha Graines and Summer Weitzman

What was your favorite campfire theme from the summer of 2022 and why?
Answers Included:
“My favorite campfire theme is the first campfire of the session, the Friendship Fire. I love this campfire because it is so much fun bonding with the camp in our first night together.”
“Friday 7/22/2022 theme of Kindness was my favorite campfire theme from 2022 because it is so important how we treat each other. I hear this statement all the time: Do unto others as you want to be treated and the rest is commentary.”
“My favorite campfire was the first night of camp because I love just being able to start the summer with my best friends.”
“The Empowering Females campfire because I got the privilege of leading it! We also love the friendship fires- the songs are always so good!!!!”
“Love Never Ends.”
“Women Empowerment because Chippewa is an all girls camp and it is an feeling confident is an important thing everyone can bond over.”