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Our November Camper Spotlight features Zoe and Sasha C! Zoe and Sasha bring positivity and Chippy spirit to the Chippewa community. They are two awesome girls who care about camp and those around them, and we have loved having them at CRC the past two summers. We can’t wait for them to be back in 2024 (and many more years to follow)! Thanks for all you bring to camp, Zoe and Sasha! Read below to learn more about Zoe and Sasha’s love of CRC and their life in the off-season.

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What cabin were you in during the summer of 2023?
Zoe: Horseshoe!
Sasha: Boots and Saddles!

How many summers have you been at camp?
Zoe and Sasha: 2 summers!

What do you love most about camp?
Zoe: The new people we get to meet and the new friends I make.
Sasha: My friends!

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What is your favorite memory from the summer of 2023?
Zoe: My favorite memory is SUP with my friends… and Realm!
Sasha: Winning Honor Cabin!

How do you stay in touch with your camp friends during the year?
Zoe: We visit each other and we FaceTime and text all the time.
Sasha: FaceTime and text and visits.

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What is your favorite subject in school?
Zoe: Math.
Sasha: English.

What activities do you participate in during the year?
Zoe: Competitive dance, volleyball, track and gymnastics.
Sasha: Dance, gymnastics and volleyball.

What are you most looking forward to in the summer of 2024?
Zoe: I am excited to spend a whole month with my best friends and make new, fun memories.
Sasha: My cabin!

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