Congratulations to Charlie B, Maddie B, Quinn M, Zoe P, Charli R, Ella R, Olivia R, Lucy W, Logan W and Audrey Z for answering the September Quiz questions! You will be entered in a Cathy’s raffle at the 2024 Opening Friendship Fire. Below are the answers to the September Chippy Trivia Quiz!

  1. Who celebrated their Five Year in 2023?
    Milly, Olivea, Cara, Carlos
  2. After crossing the wakes on two skis, what is the next ski level?
    Lifting a Ski for Ten Seconds
  3. Name the campers pictured above.
    Zoe P, Maddie M and Mia R
  4. What was the 2023 Chippy Awards theme?
    CR-Surf Club
  5. In 1999, how many camper cabins were there?
    13- Rafter^X, Timber Walk and Copper Stripes have since been added

What do you think would be a great new theme for a Friday Night Campfire?
Many great responses including:
-Including Those Who Are Alone
-Embracing Your Differences
-Problem Solving
-Treasure Box for My Future Self