Congratulations to Ellie C, Charlotte H, Avery J, Inslee S and Audrey Z for answering the October Quiz questions! You will be entered in a Cathy’s raffle at the 2023 Opening Friendship Fire. Below are the answers to the October Chippy Trivia Quiz!

  1. Name the two 15 Year Girls and one 15 Year Boy from the summer of 2022.
    Smoss, Ruth and James!
  2. After getting up and around the lake on two skis, what is the next ski level?
    Crossing the Wakes on Two
  3. Name the campers pictured above.
    Inslee S, Juliet G, Lila G
  4. What was the 2022 Chippy Awards theme?
  5. Which cabin did the youngest campers in camp live in before Rafter^X?
    Blackfoot Trail

What is the characteristic that points left (west) on the Chippewa Compass and what is the definition of this characteristic?
Fortitude- Having the strength to act with courage & integrity in challenging circumstances