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This month’s Alumni Spotlight is Mallory Kirsch. Although Mallory’s last summer at CRC was 2013, her love of camp and her Chippy spirit continue to grow. She remains an important part of the Chippewa community, and we are grateful for her continued dedication to making camp the place we all love so much. Read below to learn about Mallory’s camp experience and her life in Chicago!

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What years were you at CRC?
I was at camp from 2007-2013, and have visited every year since!

Which summer was your favorite and why?
Lakeview! We were the oldest in camp and started to gain responsibility we had never had before. We also were just so silly (as always) and have so many inside jokes from that year that we still say all the time.

What is your favorite camp memory?
I have 2… one was being Kahuna Day captaion. Because I’m so spirited and outgoing, it was a blast to cheer on my team and be in charge of something so big and important to camp. And the second was having the younger girls tell me things I did at camp that helped them over the years. Could be something as small as taking someone to the nurse when they were a younger camper and I was in Wrangler Village. I love hearing the little ways we impact each other.

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What was your favorite activity at camp?
I would say climbing. It was always something I looked forward to doing and it’s a constant challenge. Plus, you feel so accomplished after!

Were you a Tan or a White?

How do you keep in touch with your camp friends?
My camp friends are my best friends, and I mean that in all sincerity. There’s no group of people I feel more connected with and myself with. We have group chats, plans all the time, and just randomly send pics to each other of stuff we’ll laugh at. I love my camp friends!

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Where do you live now?
Chicago- West Loop, specifically. I live in the same apartment complex as fellow Chippies Alexa Polinsky and Emily Levy. So fun!

What do you do?
I buy for kids retail and toys in uptown Highland Park. What’s cool is that I get to connect with little kids I meet at the stores because of Chippewa. Their eyes always light up when I say, “I went there! It’s my most favorite place.”

What do you miss most about camp?
The energy. The sounds, the smells, the trees. Legit everything. When I step foot back onto camp grounds, it feels like I never left. I also absolutely love running around with no worries and just having a blast!

Anything else you want to share with your Chippy family?
I am so beyond grateful for a community like Chippewa. Since I started camp in 2007, I have fallen more and more in love with Chippewa and everything it offers. From lifelong friendships to feeling accomplished to pushing yourself to do challenging things… I will always have Chippewa in my life and I feel so fortunate to be a part of something so special and unique!