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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

This evening’s post is written by Danielle K! Danielle is an amazing CIT in the cabin of Lucky-X…we love having Danielle at camp and are super appreciative of her awesome blog post tonight. Enjoy!

Happy Camping and Love,

Are you ready to hear about the best August 3rd in history? We started the day with a lovely seven wonders quiz where Blair S won canteen for her entire cabin! How you may ask? She knew unicorns are Scotland’s national animal! The quiz was followed by a regularly timed breakfast. The sausage and eggs were a fantastic protein source to kickstart a wonderful day of A day activities! The campers were told at breakfast,”your never fully dressed without a smile” in honor of the play that night!

Skiing, sailing, riding, and more, it was a beautiful day to be a Chippewa camper. The sun was shining and the lake was glistening. At waterskiing, we had a bunch of skiing achievements! Sloane M, Justine S, and Ruby G lifted a ski, Kedzie Z crossed the wakes on two, Zoey P got up for ten seconds and Samantha R dropped for ten seconds. For lunch we had wraps with chicken and cheese. Yummy yummy in Chippy girls tummies.

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After lunch we had Kahuna Day signups!! Campers of all ages signed up to compete as the elements (theme of Kahuna Day): Wind, Earth, Fire, Water. Signups for soccer, softball, and gaga excited the campers and the enthusiasm for tomorrow is building. After signups, there was a beautiful afternoon of normal activities! Smiles and laughter were seen and heard throughout the north woods!! Following fifth period campers showered and made their way to the mess hall for dinner! A fan favorite was served: Chinese food!! Egg rolls and chicken galore with sweet and sour sauce and rice were enjoyed by the campers.

Fueled and ready for the evening activity, the campers made their way to the theatre for a performance of Annie and Timberlane social! Sadie G shone on stage with her beautiful voice as the star, Annie. Additionally, Julia N was Miss Hannigan, Scout K was Daddy Warbucks and Amari S was an incredible Sandy. The entire cast looked like they were having a blast and the audience was very into the production! The directors, Sydney Feldman, Lauren Hill and Lily Z, did a fantastic job helping these campers shine on stage tonight! There was even a stage crew led by Ilana Solomon! Everybody involved did a fantastic job!

At the social portion of the night, campers ate warm chocolate chip cookies and delicious popcorn. They also played Annie themed games such as broom ball and completed puzzles! Everyone had a blast socializing and watching the amazing production.