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Dearest Chippies,

I write to you this evening following an AMAZING Kahuna Day here at CRC. Elements invaded Chippyland as Earth, Wind, Fire and Water faced off in a series of intense games and activities. From flag football to kickball to banner making, it was a fierce day of (friendly) competition. Campers and staff put their best foot forward and fostered a day of sportsmanship, teamwork, spirit and FUN! It really was such a good one. Let’s dig into the details…

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Wait. Hold on… let me back up for a minute. For those of you who may not know already, Kahuna Day is a day-long competition where the entire camp is split up into four teams. Throughout the day, the teams compete in all sorts of games and activities ranging from sports to hula dancing to obstacle courses. It’s similar to UN Day in structure but is centered around a yearly theme rather than around countries, and tends to lean more toward silly rather than intense. Each team is led by a pair of Colt and Wrangler Village captains who are nominated by their counselors due to regular demonstration of qualities such as leadership, inclusivity and kindness. It is a big honor to be chosen for this role, and this year’s Colt Village captains—Vivien L, Jenna W, Ruby G and Anabelle L—working together with the Wrangler Village captains—Hope F, Ava V, Caroline S and Eden G—showed us that they were more than deserving of this honor. They led by example and helped us all make the most of our day. And a special shoutout to Shira Kohn and Talia Teich who put together the entire day. It was incredibly well-planned—honestly, flawless from start to finish—and their enthusiasm and organization ensured that everyone around camp had a blast. It was one of the greatest Kahuna Days in CRC history, and the entire Chippewa community thanks you for the time and effort you put in to make it amazing!

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A few highlights of the day… Maddie S was on fire—she hit a homerun in kickball AND scored 2 goals in soccer. Laney K CRUSHED it in flag football… underrated quarterback skills! Fire demonstrated great sportsmanship during dodgeball. And the day ended with a delicious luau on the waterfront. When all was said and done, Earth secured the victory by a margin of 15 points. But all four teams played their hardest, cheered on their teams as loud as possible and had a blast. Overall, it was a fantastic day!

And there you have it. Another eventful day at #TheRanch2022 in the books! As the summer comes to an end, days like today are especially bittersweet. It was certainly a day to remember… amongst many other days to remember :)

Thanks for reading. Talk to you all next week!

Soph Aloaf