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Hello to all The Sari Diaries readers! Our names are Annie M and Ava V, switching places with Sari and Ruth for the day. Today at camp is a very exciting and chaotic day we call “Camper Counselor Switch Day.” On this day older campers get the opportunity to switch places with a staff member. Yesterday, the cabins starting with Lakeview and continuing to Trailriders, C-C, Bowed Legs, and A-Frame got to pick the staff member they wanted to trade places with.

Throughout the day campers can participate in counselor jobs and schedules, including instructing activities, working in the office, and even cooking in the kitchen. For Ava and I our day included a lot of bonding between us and our beloved camp directors. Avery R got to spend her day with the lovely Lisa, Sadie G had the best time with and as Leah Berns, and Eden G was lucky enough to make schedules with the one and only Smoss.

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Personally my day started off with a exiting wake-up call from a very familiar voice, Ro-Buishia who traded places with Cliff. I then got ready for breakfast and dressed up in Sari’s clothes, fanny pack, and iconic bright green hat. After my breakfast at the staff table, I joined Sari (Annie for the day) in her office. I was then sent on an important mission to take pictures along with Samantha R (Lizzy for the day) and Joslyn A (Sophie for the day). After taking some expert pictures I got to go skiing with the real Sari, Lisa, Lizzy, Sara Margolis, Samantha R, Avery R, and Riley G. It was quite an experience. At first I was impressed by the amazing skiing from both Sari and Sara. Then it was my turn to ski… I had such a fun time as I dropped a ski and crossed the wakes. After my turn was up I asked to ski back over to the ski I dropped on the one I still had. But the ski that I dropped farther back in the lake had disappeared. It was absolutely nowhere in sight. Maybe a loon took it! After looking for the missing ski for ten minutes, even though Avery R would claim it was twenty, we had to go back to camp. At lunch I got amazing news that the ski I had lost was found! So all was well when I got to do the famous Sari dance up to the microphone to give afternoon announcements. Now, you have all been updated with my day so far. I will hand the keyboard over to Ava (Ruth for the day).

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Hi, it’s now Ava (Ruth)! My day began the same as Annie. After breakfast, Ivy F (Uncle Ed for the day) and I did the real Ruth’s job of organizing fruit in the kitchen fridge. Then, I got to run some exciting errands with the real Ruth in her purple iconic golf cart. The speedy ride consisted of stopping by to sort packages, picking items up from the rec center and kitchen, as well as refilling the sugar in the cooking academy. I also spent time in her office handing out candy to campers as Ruth does on a daily basis. I may have taken a couple pieces for myself as well! Switching gears to our plan for tonight, the evening activity is practicing for Songfest, which will take place tomorrow. Songfest is an intense Tan and White game that takes an endless amount of practice, however, our hard work pays off in the end.

Wrapping it up, Annie and I had a phenomenal day and hoped you all enjoyed our recap!

Happy Camping and Love,
Annie & Ava