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Hi Chippies!

My name is Ari H., and I am so excited to be writing today’s Sari Diaries! This summer, I am a counselor in Blackfoot. Throughout the day, you can find on the ski boats driving or lifeguarding, watching the campers light up as they work hard and finally pass a level.

Today was another amazing day at CRC! The day began with Cliff’s typical morning wake-up call and another yummy breakfast—french toast sticks, eggs, and sausage. Plus, the “good granola” made its way back to the yogurt bar :). Campers then moved into cabin cleanup. While this routine part of our day was a drag when I was a camper, the 2022 Chippies are eager to score well and win the title of honor cabin. Trailriders received a perfect score of 100 for the second day in a row, and Bowed Legs has scored their 6th 100 of the summer! Other cabins followed right behind with scores in the upper 90s. Honor cabin is going to be a close call this session if the campers keep this up!

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We then moved into our first day of regular A-day activities for this session. I got to witness campers work hard at their goals down at the ski docks. Jessie H, Leah C, and Annie F each passed the levels they were working on today which was especially impressive because the wind brought on some choppy water. After years of trying as a camper, CIT Julia W finally got up on skis and passed a level for the first time ever! Seeing the surprise on her face when she was standing up made the entire boat cheer and laugh. It was truly such an exciting moment! Another shoutout goes to Anabelle L. from third period. After dropping a ski and crossing 3 wakes, we couldn’t find the ski since the water was so choppy. We went on a ski hunt around the lake for almost half the period before finally finding it, but her laughs and giggles made the experience fun for the entire boat!

In other exciting news, Sydney J. made it into the gold club, and Logan W. and Laken E. got announced at lunch for their efforts at wall! Following lunch announcements, many cabins used rest hour to begin working on lip sync. I love when my cabin all comes together because having a set time during a busy day to all be together is so special. Lip sync also allows us to see how the campers’ confidence has grown in the few weeks they have spent here. I saw campers asking to be in the front row at tan and white lip sync earlier this week and my own campers doing the same for their cabin lip sync, even those who wanted to be in the back first session. Moments like these remind me how welcoming camp is and I love how even shy campers come out of their shells after spending time at CRC.

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After a fabulous Wednesday night bbq (my personal favorite), campers got dressed with their cabin in a matching color for Pirate Night! Although it started pouring at the start of the evening activity, Trailriders entertained the camp with a rap battle featuring Emmy D. who challenged Bryna from C-C. Once the rain calmed down, everyone was free to start Pirate Night. Campers from all cabins were jumping in puddles, and Timberwalk even put on their bathing suits! It was so fun watching everyone have such a good time!

I can’t wait for another beautiful day in the Northwoods tomorrow!

-Ari H.