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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I am writing to you live from #TheRanch2022 as campers and staff are back in their cabins after an incredible day on Dam Lake! Today was a scorcher, and the office still feels like it’s 100 degrees, but the good news is that the air outside has cooled off and cabins are feeling good. Enough about that though, I’m excited to tell you all about our day at CRC…

Today was our first full day of regular activities and they got off to a crazy-good start. First period swimming happens to be the White Cap swim period, and when I went down to the docks, the White Caps were excited to show me their dive line…it was quite impressive! And then, on my way back up to the office, I ran into Georgia S and Jessie H who were coming from fishing. From what they had to say, the fish were biting this morning! Nine fish were caught during first period! A special shout-out to Peyton H for catching the first fish of the summer!

In painting today, they began painting an awesome floral landscape…I am always amazed at how talented our campers are when it comes to the arts! And at skiing, the achievements were flowing! Fiona B, during her first time skiing as a Chippy, got up on two for ten seconds, went around the lake, crossed the wakes on two, lifted for ten seconds, dropped for ten seconds, continued around the lake AND crossed the wakes on one ski! Additionally, Elle H got up for ten seconds, Ivy S dropped a ski, Skye N and Raquel W lifted, Sadie G and Jayden G got up and around the lake on one ski, and Hailey C crossed the wakes on one ski!

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Tonight was a big and little sister dinner…a taco Tuesday big and little sister dinner to be exact. Big and little sister pairs were scattered around the lodge eating their tacos and getting to know each other. It was a very cute scene, that’s for sure! And then the evening program was Big and Little Sis Night! The CITs planned an amazing evening for all of the big and little sisters. There was an obstacle course, a donut eating contest, a water balloon toss, an ice cream eating contest and more. Each big and little sister duo competed against others in these fun and silly contests. In the end, there was a quiz show for the top performers in the theater. Leni B and Alyssa L ended up the victors tonight, and won a trip to Cathy’s with all of the CITs!

So yes, it was action-packed around here today. But that’s what we do- we go, go, go…we try new things, we make new friends, we compete, we cheer and we even eat ice cream :). That’s all I got for now but I hope you have a wonderful night…thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,