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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Back again for my second time, this is Alana Spaeth, a counselor from Timber Walk, writing this Monday’s Sari Diaries. This was a rather entertaining and unique Monday filled with love and happiness from all areas of camp. I can’t wait to share the highlights of the day and shed light on some of the best moments!

On this dazzling Monday, camp glistened in the sun! All Chippies have officially been at camp for at least one week, and the smiles are infinite. While the second session has been jam-packed with excitement in regular activities and high energy evening programs, today has been a simple cool down for all. This was helpful before some of the bigger programs featured in this week’s lineup!

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With Songfest approaching, the big tan and white game has crossed all minds. For the past several days, tans and whites attend a practice for the upcoming game during rest hour. Whites gather on Lakeview’s porch, and Tans unite in the South Field. Across the camp, the competition is in full swing. In hopes of bringing home the victory, campers are always perfecting what they’ve learned and receiving help in areas they may not be as confident in. In my cabin, I see my campers practicing their songs whilst cleaning for Cabin Cleanup. I love seeing them determined to perform the best they can, they strive to be leaders and examples for their teams. If they aren’t in the same general area as a director or neutral, they are practicing and perfecting! As we count down the days until the final production, each team grows more eager to pour their hearts into their themes and overall performance.

Many second session campers have departed for their camping trips and they are having an incredible time! These trips included some swimming, hiking, and roasting some yummy marshmallows over the fire! I know all campers and counselors enjoy these trips, and look forward to sharing these memories with others afterwards.

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With the camping trips out, our evening program was full of across-camp participation. The program combined games from Unity Carnival, Beat the Staff, and Halloween to create an energetic night filled with loads of events. The night consisted of activities such as obstacle courses, face painting, piñata hitting, and many more mini games to earn tickets. The raffles were a huge hit! Each camper was able to place the tickets they earned into different prizes related to camp! Each cabin was dressed as their job chart! Lakeview played a major role in helping lead the program, and set the example for so many younger kids! To top off the night, we have been preparing to launch a Haunted House. This isn’t just any haunted house, and has been in the works for these campers for quite some time now! The house was a hit, an everlasting memory that all campers can remember!

That’s a wrap on July 25th, 2022! Today was definitely a day for the books! I hope you enjoyed the inside scoop on what Chippewa looked like on this special day!

Happy Camping and Love,