Our March Staff Spotlight features Abigail Winner! Abigail is a caring and thoughtful counselor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her campers are getting the most out of their camp experience. Plus, she always brings energy and fun to any situation. Abigail is a counselor that campers (and fellow counselors!) love and trust, and we are grateful to have her as a part of our staff team once again this summer! Read below to learn a bit more about Abigail’s camp experiences and life in the off-season.

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1. How many summers have you been at camp?
9 summers!

2. What cabin were you in during the summer of 2021?
In 2021, I was in Timber Walk.

3. What is your favorite part about being a counselor at CRC?
I love that all the staff are so close at camp and it doesn’t matter what age you are, all the staff support each other.

4. What was your favorite memory from the summer of 2021?
I was the advisor for the Tan Team and I loved being there with the Grand and Chief on the day of Songfest- sitting on the bench next to the Grand and being able to watch what the campers had worked so hard for. It was my first time watching Songfest instead of being in it. It’s an impressive show!

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5. What is your favorite camp memory of all time?
My favorite camp memory was Fourth of July my Lakeview summer. I loved planning the entire day, waking everyone up, and standing in the middle at the Circle Game. At the end of the carnival, my whole age group jumped into the lake together and it was one of the best camp moments. I’ll remember it forever.

6. How do you stay in touch with your camp friends during the year?
My camp friends text and FaceTime all the time, and when we can we always like to hang out and catch up on life!!

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7. What are you most looking forward to in the summer of 2022?
Because I’m going to college next year and not going to be able to see my camp friends as often, I’m excited to spend another summer together making memories at our favorite place.

8. What do you do when you are not at camp?
I’m on the Deerfield High School dance team and dance company, and I love to spend time with my friends and family.

9. Anything else you want to share with your Chippy family?
I can’t wait for another summer back in Chippyland!!

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