Congratulations to Chloe M, Avery F, Ella R, Maddie J, Lucy W, Annabelle K, Sadie G, Julia B, Sloane M, Cora P, Gracie G, Samantha D, Julia E, Julia P, Teddy S, Andie G, Jordyn K, Charlie S, Jillian W, Haylie W, Cayla B, Ella E, Maddie K, Lily R, Kayla Z, Maddyn C, Layla L, Ellie A, Cate F, Audrey Z and Jill M for answering the September Quiz questions! You will be entered in a Cathy’s raffle at the 2023 Opening Friendship Fire. Below are the answers to the September Chippy Trivia Quiz!

  1. Name at least three 2022 10 Year Girls.
    Leah Berns, Ilana Solomon, Sydney Feldman, Sydney Goldman, Marni Schneider, Talia Teich, Ellie Wise, Talia Cohen, Talia Solomon, Alana Spaeth, Ari Harkavy, Emma Radis
  2. In what year was “The New Building” aka “The Wreck” aka “The Noob” aka “The Barn” built?
  3. Name the campers pictured above.
    Maddie J, Ellie A, Olivia G
  4. What was the 2022 4th of July theme?
    Chippies Travel Back and FOURTH Through Time
  5. What is a new sport that was brought to Chippewa during the summer of 2022?
    Pickle Ball

What is the characteristic that points right (east) on the Chippewa Compass and what is the definition of this characteristic?
Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.