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Dearest Chippies,

I write to you today following an eventful holiday-themed Kahuna Day. Dressed in festive costumes with smiles on their faces, New Years Eve, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day faced off in a fierce contest, competing in everything from flag football to wordsearch to knockout. Campers and staff put their best foot forward and cultivated a day filled with sportsmanship, teamwork and spirit.

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Some of you may be thinking, Sophie… you got ahead of yourself. What even is Kahuna Day? Kahuna Day is a day-long competition where the entire camp is split up into four teams. Throughout the day, the teams compete in all sorts of games and activities ranging from sports to hula dancing to banner making. Kahuna Day is one of my personal favorite days of the summer because it allows campers and staff from across cabins and age groups to work together toward a common goal, and build new friendships while doing so. Each team is led by a pair of Colt and Wrangler Village campers who are nominated by their counselors for demonstrating qualities such as leadership, inclusivity and kindness. This year’s Colt Village captains—Emma S, Jilly M, Talia M and Alexa R—working together with the Wrangler Village captains—Lily Z, Jordyn V, Maddie L and Danielle K—led the day with spirit, sportsmanship and FUN! They led by example and helped us all make the most of our day. And a special shoutout to Talia Schor and Talia Solomon who planned the entire day. It was flawless from start to finish, and your enthusiasm and organization ensured that everyone around camp had a blast. Talia x2—all of Chippewa thanks you for your hard work. It was one of the best Kahuna Days in CRC history!

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A few highlights of the day… Jayden G was a speed demon during the sweatshirt relay swim race this morning. Laney K CRUSHED it at nucomb. Avery K and Halle S were the ultimate dynamic duo during a rainy but intense game of flag football. All four teams played their hardest, cheered on their teams as loud as possible and had a blast. But at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day secured the first place spot, and enjoyed a scoop of their favorite Cathy’s to celebrate.

So as you can tell, Kahuna Day 2021 was one for the books. Thank you to all who made this day so incredible. It was a day to remember, in a string of many other days to remember :).

Talk to you all next week!

Soph Aloaf