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Happy Sunday loyal readers! Jaksich here. It’s hard to believe that it is my final entry for the summer, but time has really been flying. Today was an awesome day on County O and Izzy S. is here to tell you all about it…

Hey! This is Izzy S. from the cabin of Lakeview. Today has been full of exciting festivities, which started off with the weekly Sunday breakfast. As it was the last of the session, most of the camp was there together ordering and enjoying our final pancakes, omelettes, and scrambles. There is nothing like a chocolate chip, banana, and oreo pancake on a rather rainy day at camp. Later in the day, we had a Love Never Ends campfire inspired by Alexa Rose Weiss. Each summer I enjoy this campfire because it is a reminder that love never ends, and here at Chippewa, love and unity radiate through the air. Finally, we had Chippy Awards, which were put together by my cabin, Lakeview. Chippy Awards is a program where campers are nominated for fun and campy award, such as Water Bug (for a camper who loves being in the water), Katniss Everdeen (for a camper who is awesome at archery) and Future Chippy Bat (for a camper who has a lot of skiing potential). Each cabin gets assinged a different theme to dress up as, and the costumes were awesome! It was a huge success and we all enjoyed giving awards and eating scrumptious foods that represented our theme (ChippiESPN) including soft pretzels, and Cliff’s personal favorite, vanilla ice cream. We ended off the night with a Chippy dance party, and at the end, Lakeview all got in a big circle and danced around for the last song. Personally, I think today was the best Sunday yet! As the days keep dwindling, I am valuing each and every moment here. Though it can seem like it is the last for everything- for example the last Chippy dance party or last corn dog for lunch, it is also a reminder of how important all of these moments are- big or small. I can’t wait for all the Sunday’s to come as a CIT next summer!

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A BIG thanks to Izzy for taking time out of one of her final camper nights to write to you all. I’d also like to give a special shout out to Hope F. and Sadie G. for leading an amazing Love Never Ends campfire, and of course to Lakeview for hosting a fantastic Chippy Awards! It was an incredible day at CRC and we know the next three will round out what has been a truly awesome summer.

Lots of love,

Jaksich and Izzy