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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

It’s another Friday night at CRC which means it’s another night where I am feeling grateful for so much. The individuals who have shared this unique summer on Dam Lake make up a community like no other. I have seen it every day, and every hour, and even every minute. But the truth is that I don’t always recognize it when I am seeing it- sometimes it’s not until I am at my desk at night reflecting on the day, and sometimes it’s not until a Friday Night Campfire when I have some time to really sit and look around the circle at the amazing people surrounding the fire, and sometimes I probably never recognize it. But I know it’s happening, and it is truly amazing. The way this group has united in the strangest of times to take advantage of everything this summer has to offer has been incredible to watch…from truly appreciating the freedom that being in the Chippewa bubble has provided to remembering to think of rain as an opportunity to dance, and from not taking for granted the little things like cheering in the lodge to the encouragement for others that can be heard every single time you walk by the climbing wall…these little things along with so many others are what this place is all about.

Okay, I think that’s all for this Friday night tangent…at this juncture, I will tell you about our day at #TheRanch2021 :).

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Today was a mostly “regular” day, which we all love…especially during second session! Activities were rocking all day long and I personally got to participate more than I typically do…very exciting! At waterskiing, Lilly R lifted, and Chandler S & Sarah K got up on one ski and crossed the wakes. At outdoor cooking, they made cinnamon sugar tortillas that were very delicious, and at swimming Sydney B went down the waterslide for the first time! I was lucky enough to join second period fishing for a tour on the pontoon around Dam Lake. We got to see Halle S get up on one ski, and we also got to see a small family of loons swimming by. Then this afternoon, I had the opportunity to get crushed in tennis by Violet S- she is GOOD! Finally, during fifth period, Olivia Garber, Lilah K, Brooke R and I played an awesome doubles game on court three. Lilah and Brooke have very impressive tennis skills. They served, volleyed and hit ground strokes like real pros!

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Obviously the highlight of the day was the campfire this evening. The theme was Diversity & Unity- a special and important theme that was very well done. Izzy S led the campfire, Léa W and Nicole Lucas wrote beautiful sermonettes. We had musical numbers by the CR-Singers, Leah & Smoss, Josh & Kiera, Ava L, and the guitar class comprised of Mia R, Maddie Z and Joslyn A. The icing on the cake were the hundreds of keylogs that were thrown in. It was dark, and the campfire was long but campers & staff alike had important keylogs to throw in. Each individual keylog was genuine- Chippies tonight expressed gratitude for so much…for friends, for role models, for big sisters, for family members, for people believing in them, and so much more. The keylog ceremony made very clear to me the significance of our campfires, and the value of the time that it provides even our youngest campers to think about their week at camp.

That was our day that was seriously SO CHIPPEWA. While there is still plenty of camping left, each moment is feeling like it holds some extra weight right now- we are trying to live in the moment, and to realize how fortunate we are to be here while we are still here. Thanks for reading…have a great night!

Happy Camping and Love,