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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

First and foremost, we got our day six COVID-19 test results and we are all NEGATIVE! Yes, it’s true, and we are so very happy. And we are so very appreciative of all of you. We thank you for your support and commitment leading up to camp…we are grateful to this whole community for helping us get to the point we have been pining for since the start of all this madness. Our camp families came together, made the camper experience the priority, and now we are able to enjoy the results! We are officially looking onward, and are excited for camp to feel even more like camp! And now, onto our awesome day at CRC…

The short re-cap is this…
We had an awesome day of regular activities! At skiing, Ellie L lifted and Mackenzie M got up and around the lake! At campfire cooking, they made very yummy banana boats…a shoutout to Annabelle K and Stephanie S- they made extra ooy-gooey treats! I hadn’t yet seen guitar class in session this summer but today, I was so happy to see Vivien L, Jenna W and Sadie S rocking out with guitar instructor (and their counselor), Kiera. Down on the waterfront, Olivia B, Ava M, Laurel M, Emmy B and Alexis R were busy on the beach making an ant colony…they had a nice hill with a leaf flag to mark the ants’ territory. And then after dinner, we had a lip sync practice…campers and staff were very, very into the prep. Lip Sync is always a favorite and I cannot wait to see the final performances soon!

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And now, for a unique twist to The Sari Diaries…
We were lucky enough to get a visit from Alyssa L, Sadie G and Josie G in the office tonight. They decided they each wanted to write a little blurb for The Sari Diaries. And their writing is amazing. It is completely unprompted but just perfect for tonight’s edition. These girls are SO CHIPPEWA- they just get camp and what we are all about. So please read below- I hope their words make all of you as happy as they make me :).

From Josie: “This year, my whole age group is in the same cabin, which many would consider a challenge. But no- everyone has become so close and I have made new friendships with people I would have never thought! We all spend countless hours talking about our days, home life and friends. We can all already tell that we will have the most amazing summer with the most kind and drama-free girls.”

From Sadie: “My whole age group was put together for the first time and it has been an amazing experience. I have gained friendships I never would’ve thought of making, and I have been growing closer to everyone in my cabin. They’re all my sisters and I love them. Most nights we spend hours talking and growing closer- not just as a cabin but as a family. I love spending my summer with them. After this incredibly crazy and covid filled year, camp is a safe escape from it all.”

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From Alyssa: “Today wasn’t just another day at camp, it was another day full of fun activities and exciting events. Being in the cabin of Trailriders has given me the opportunity to meet new people, and branch out to make new friends. Not only do I get to be closer with people my age, but I get to make both older and younger friends who are all a part of the Chippy community. I want to thank everyone for making this possible because being able to attend Chippewa Ranch Camp is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

There you have it- all clear COVID-19 tests, an amazing day, and diaries from three awesome Trailriders campers! Thanks for reading- have a lovely evening!

Happy Camping and Love,