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Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I am happy to be writing to you all this evening after a truly lovely day at CRC. The weather was just perfect- not too hot but just warm enough that campers were excited to jump in Dam Lake! And daily activities are feeling pretty normal…especially after our completely negative round of COVID-19 tests from Wednesday (yes, very exciting news!). So, here’s what happened today…

As I was out and about before breakfast this morning, I walked over toward the basketball/aerobics/tennis court area and was so happy to see campers and staff alike getting their morning exercise on. There were people hitting on the tennis courts, some working out on the aerobics courts and some shooting hoops. I had a chance to rebound for Lindsay F as she shot from elbow to elbow. Her skill and focus were impressive and I was so happy to start my morning that way!

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After a birthday wake-up for Maisy B, a delicious Friday donut breakfast, and a decent cabin clean-up (especially for Wagon Ridge), we began activities for the day. At the climbing wall, new campers Rosie H and Ellie C climbed all the way up the “Hard Wall” and Jilly C climbed up the “Easy Obstacle.” And at skiing, Mia G got up on two skis for ten seconds! When I went over to pottery, I was excited to see the creations of Hazel J, Teddy L and Ivy R. They were very proud (as they should have been) of their work, and I am excited to see their progress as they get to glaze their bowls! Down at swimming, Rafter, Copper Stripes and Timber Walk campers were loving their time in the lake with swim noodles and kick boards. I know they are excited to get out to the blob (tomorrow, I think :)). My final stop around camp during activities was at Campfire Cooking. Not only were the campers learning to build the fire, they were also very excited to make the perfect s’more…and the perfect s’more has a different meaning to every single person. That being said, there were a ton of delicious looking s’mores being eaten around the Center Fire Circle this afternoon!

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Today was great but this evening was the best…the very first Friday Night Campfire at #TheRanch2021. Each Friday night we gather as a camp around the Center Fire Circle for what is typically the most meaningful part of our week. The theme tonight was “Hope Rises,” and Lauren G was an incredible campfire leader. We heard amazing sermonettes from Riley A and Sydney Goldman, who both spoke of the resilience of our camp community. At some point during the Keylog Ceremony, I realized just how badly I needed the campfire tonight…that we all probably did. It has been over 22 months since our last Friday Night Campfire, and nights like these re-center me. They remind me of what’s important, they allow me time to reflect and appreciate CRC. I know that I am not alone in this, and I love that we have a weekly camp tradition that provides our community the opportunity to slow down and take it all in.

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And now, I am sitting in the office enjoying the company (and entertainment) of Halle S, Sam S and Emma E from the cabin of Lakeview. They are working on plans for the 4th of July, which Lakeview has already gotten a great jump start on. They are in the process of creating a magical day for our campers and I am so excited to watch them as they pour their efforts into making July 4th incredible!

And that’s about all for now- today rocked, it was truly SO CHIPPEWA and I am excited for another wonderful day tomorrow! Thanks for reading…have a good night!

Happy Camping and Love,