Our September Staff Spotlight features Dylan Sachs. Dylan is an awesome counselor, and one of Chippewa’s most talented boat drivers. She is compassionate, thoughtful, hardworking and always willing to lend a hand. Dylan brings fun to her cabin and the ski docks always, and we are so lucky to have her as a part of the CRC community. Thanks for all you do for camp, Dylan! Read below to learn all about Dylan’s life both at camp and in the off-season.

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1. How many summers have you been at camp?
I have been at camp for 9 summers. 2020 was supposed to be my 10th!

2. What cabin were you in during the summer of 2019?
In 2019, I was in the cabin of Trailriders.

3. What is your favorite part about being a counselor at CRC?
I love everything about being a counselor at CRC, but my favorite part is my campers. I have loved spending time with them over the past few summers and watching them grow. I can’t wait to see them become CITs next summer! I also love teaching waterskiing and spending time with my age group.

4. What was your favorite memory from the summer of 2019?
My favorite memory from summer 2019 was 10 Year and spending time with my age group!

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5. What is your favorite camp memory of all time?
My favorite camp memory of all-time is Egg Marathon 2017. The Tans were behind, but we made a comeback and ended up winning the game!

6. How do you stay in touch with your camp friends during the year?
We have a group chat and Snapchat group that we text and send photos in. We also try to hang out when we are home from college.

7. How did you stay connected to CRC during the summer of 2020?
I was up at camp this summer for a few weeks, and I also hung out with my age group at home.

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8. What do you do when you are not at camp?
When I am not at camp, I love to spend time with friends, go hiking, try new workout classes and cook.

9. Anything else you want to share with your Chippy family?
I can’t wait for summer 2021!!

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