Congratulations to Sophie B, Cate F, Lily G, Reese S and Audrey Z for answering the April Quiz questions correctly! You will be entered in a Cathy’s raffle at an upcoming campfire or Zoom event. Below are the answers to the April Chippy Trivia Quiz!

1. In 2019, what was unique about Final Banquet?
There were food trucks!

2. In which cabin will the campers pictured above live during the summer of 2020?
Bowed Legs

3. Before it was Arts & Crafts, what was the Arts & Crafts building used for?
Game Room and Laundry Room

4. What activity is located directly between Tennis and Basketball?

5. Name at least one past Grand Sachem who will be on staff this coming summer?
Sydney Feldman, Emily Connell, Rebecca Radis, Noa Friedland, Eliza Mann and Emily Jaksich