Congratulations to Sophie B, Maddie B and Ella R for answering the March Quiz questions correctly! You will be entered in the Cathy’s raffle at the Opening Campfire this summer. Below are the answers to the March Chippy Trivia Quiz- be sure to check back soon for the April Quiz!!

1. In 2019, who were the starting runners for the Tans and Whites?
Pony Express: Skylar S & Lily K
Egg Marathon: Skylar S & Anna S

2. Name the campers pictured above.
Lily R, Hailey A and Maddie S

3. When did Random House become an activity at Chippewa?

4. While the mailing address for Chippewa is Eagle River, what town are we actually a part of?
Sugar Camp

5. On the Chippewa compass, which trait represents North?