Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

We once again have a unique version of The Sari Diaries with a couple of different guest bloggers. Both Emma R and Nicole L did a wonderful job depicting our day at #TheRanch2019. Enjoy!

Emma R:

On this fine day at Chippewa Ranch Camp, it is Camper-Counselor Switch Day! As older campers take on the roles of staff members, they have so much fun seeing what the staff do on a regular basis. Campers and staff alike are participating and enjoying the activities.

To start off the day, Samantha G took on the role as Cliff, woke the whole camp up with our last Nina Pretty Ballerina Monday. Then she played Knockin’ Boots which is Lakeview’s favorite song. My favorite part of the wake-up was when Samantha G led the Seven Wonders Quiz- Lakeview Edition.

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I have taken on the role of Sari today. I am in the cabin of Lakeview and it is my eighth summer at camp. Today I have been doing some Family Camp planning with Sarah G, taking on the role of Sophie, and Sam G. We have also participated in an admin meeting, along with running announcements in the lodge.

Nicole L:

Hi everyone! Tonight you all have had a couple of different perspectives of this amazing day here at Chippewa. After Camper-Counselor Switch Day came to an end and everyone traded back their clothes and reunited with their friends and campers, the staff got ready to put on a great show for all the campers. The acts ranged from silent skits of people swimming, to dances revived from the “olden” days. The performances ended in an all camp sing-along to some of our favorites that begin to wrap up the summer. But don’t worry there is still plenty of camping left and our night didn’t end there! We quickly then got into our all black clothes to play Stalk the Lantern, a Tan and White game loved by all. Campers were crawling across the south field in hopes of getting a 100 for their team while staff gave them tips on how to get high scores, and blocked the campers from getting caught. Everyone could be seen with grass covered shirts after the game was over, a clear sign of hard work. Tonight the Whites took the victory, but what mattered most is everyone had a great time playing one of their last Tan and White games of the summer.

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And there you have it- we had an amazing day on Dam Lake. I loved switching places with Emma R…it was fun to be a Lakeview camper for the day and also to watch Emma in action during the admin meeting, at lunch announcements (where she did an excellent rendition of the P-Dance), and in the office working diligently making plans for the next couple of weeks. A big thank you to both Emma and Nicole for contributing to TSD this evening. And thanks to all of you for reading…have a good night!

Happy Camping and Love,