The Sari Diaries- Wednesday 7/17/19

Tuesday, July 16 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Another marvelous day has come and gone at #TheRanch2019 and I am happy to finally sit down and reflect upon all of the amazingness that went on here since wake-up at 8am this morning. From office hang-outs to food to trips, and from activities to Pirate Night to those moments between the bricks, there is lots to tell you about! So here it goes…

This morning, those who were on the canoe trip (14 campers from Timber Walk & Horseshoe) returned eager to share stories from their time away from camp. They had a blast, and according to them, they were pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was. That’s something that happens with camping trips at Chippewa…it seems that many campers leave for their camping trips nervous for what’s ahead but return feeling great about their experience. Lakeview also returned from their trip to Madeline Island with fabulous memories that I am confident will last them a lifetime. If it’s possible, they seem to be even more bonded than when they left.

In terms of activities today, we had our first A-Day of the session. There were incredible things happening all around camp and on Dam Lake. Skiing was full of achievements as Charlie S, Sadie G, Chloe B and Hailey C lifted; and Cate M, Maya F and Chloe G got up and around the lake on two skis. Water skiing is always a popular activity at CRC but this year, more than ever, it seems that campers are advancing left and right! At painting (one of our most loved activities this summer), campers are in the process of creating incredibly realistic portrayals of a plate of pancakes. We have some very talented artists at this camp right now and Kayleigh is doing a fantastic job of helping them hone their skills. In other activity news, Stella S, Ruby G and Mila S all capsized for the first time in sailing…way to go Blackfoot campers!

On their way to fifth period, I found Zoe C and Lilly R giggling nearly uncontrollably. When I asked them what was so funny they described a moment in the South Field when they were having a dance party and “jamming out” when they found another camper secretly watching with a huge smile on her face. They didn’t realize that she was there but once they saw her, they couldn’t stop laughing. These two girls (and the one who ended up being with them) just met three days ago, but already, they are sharing small experiences that are creating the foundation for the best kind of friendships…camp friendships. I know this is happening all over camp- in cabins, at activities, on the playground and in the lodge. This is what I love about camp…bigger than the number of golds shot at archery or fish caught at fishing, the moments that connect members of this community are happening non-stop…and those moments are what truly count.

And then this evening was a Pirate Night to remember! Cabins dressed in their assigned colors and fourteen staff members dressed as pirates. Campers and their counselors ran around camp searching for flags while following a scavenger hunt that led them to the buried treasure. As they scavenged around camp, the pirates tried to pull their flags and scare them…in the way that Chippy pirates do. As the pirates came near, campers gathered in a bunch and their counselors circled around them to keep them safe. As the night came to an end, Wagon Ridge found the buried treasure near the ninja course! And finally, when the game was done, the flags were counted, points were added up and the cabin of BOOTS & SADDLES was announced as the winners of the program!

Finally, hanging in the office after it was all over, Hannah D and Lucy G paid us a visit. The two of them helped Smoss plan tonight’s program and they excitedly described the fun that they witnessed throughout the evening. They were proud of the work that they put in, and debriefed the process of creating this evening program. They clearly enjoyed working with Smoss, and loved seeing the positive impact they had as Pirate Night unfolded. It was nice to have them in the office- it was cool to hear about their experience, and quite frankly, they were pretty entertaining :).

Okay, that’s all I got for now. Though I could go on and on and then on some more telling you about 7/17/19 on Dam Lake, I think it’s time for me to hit the hay. Thanks for reading- have a lovely night!

Happy Camping and Love,