The Sari Diaries- Thursday 7/11/19

Wednesday, July 10 by Sari Hirsch

Dearest Chippies,

Wow. I mean… just… wow. This session has come and gone faster than I ever could have imagined. Yes, time passing quickly is a sign of something good—but time passing too quickly inhibits appreciation of all the moments of greatness. Thankfully, we’ve got more than enough of those to go around, and today was proof of that. It was a busy day filled with enthusiasm, teamwork and Chippewa pride. Seems nearly impossible, but I’ll try my best to do it justice in a short recap.

Many campers began the day with cabin cleanup and packing. As 4-weekers tried to jigsaw their belongings into their duffels, we had many 8-week volunteers come into the office to ask how they could help get camp ready for the upcoming weekend. This thoughtful gesture did not go unnoticed or unappreciated, and many campers spent their mornings helping out with various projects and jobs. This goes to show that our campers feel just as much pride as we do in presenting the best possible version of Chippewa to their parents, siblings and friends. In other words, their love of and commitment to camp encompasses not only the ideological environment, but the physical one as well.

Later this afternoon, we held our final first session campfire. It began with a Compass Coin ceremony, in which many deserving campers and counselors were recognized for their positive contributions to the camp experiences of those around them. Coin recipients included Sadie G, Sadie G, Lea W, Ellory F, Ariana S, Emmy B, Sophia G and Kayleigh D. Congratulations to you all and thank you for doing all that you do to make camp a better place!

Following the Coin Ceremony, the 4-week Lakeview campers gave their farewell speeches. Much like the campers who had offered their help around camp earlier in the morning, these Lakeview girls also displayed a great deal of pride and gratitude as they reflected back on their camper years. They encouraged campers to appreciate all that CRC has to offer, and as a group they were articulate, thoughtful and grateful. It was a beautiful display of what we are trying to accomplish here at Chippewa, and while we are sad to see them all leave, we are equally as excited to have them as a part of our staff next summer.

The day ended with our four week banquet. Following a delicious pasta dinner, 4-week campers received activity awards for being MVP, Most Improved or Most Determined. Campers cheered loudly for their friends and cabin mates who were deservingly recognized for their dedication and enthusiasm in various activities. The final awards of the night were Ranch Queen and Honor Camper. Ranch Queen is awarded to a camper who has excelled in skill and leadership out at the stables. This year’s recipient was Maddie K, who demonstrated an impressive level of confidence and competence during today’s riding showcase. As for Chippewa’s biggest honor, Honor Camper, a huge congratulations to Izzy S, whose compassion, confidence and love of camp is evident is all she does. She is a leader, a role model and an example of all the qualities we value here. She is more than deserving of this honor, and we are proud to recognize her in this capacity.

And there you have it, friends. I think I speak for everyone when I say that today was a day to remember. I am incredibly sad to see so many people leave tomorrow, but I am happy that today was their final experience of #TheRanch2019.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you all during second session!

Soph Aloaf