The Sari Diaries- Sunday 7/7/19

Saturday, July 06 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Our final Sunday of first session has just wrapped up and it is hard to believe that we will officially be in week four tomorrow. Today was filled with all good things, and it was completely action packed. Here’s what happened…

As always, when I arrived at the Adler Lodge to make breakfast, there was already a line of dedicated campers who were committed to being some of the first to enjoy pancakes, omelets and scrambles to order. I’m not sure why, but today, I had more scramble orders than ever before. I would like to think it’s because of the amazing product that I am creating in our tilt skillet but I actually believe it was just a fluke.

This morning we had three camping trips return. The Blackfoot campers returned from their trip to the HNS; the Silverspurs & Lucky-X campers returned from Crystal Lake; and 25 campers from A-Frame, Bowed Legs & C-C returned from Copper Falls. Each and every camper that slept in a tent last night came back to camp excited to share their stories. Blackfoot received a note from a mystery friend as they were building their fire- they are intrigued with the mystery and are hoping to learn more in the next couple of days. The campers who were at Crystal Lake were amazed with the clarity of the lake on their trip- they loved their time at the beach. And according to the girls who were at Copper Falls, it is beautiful and it was their “favorite trip of all time.” I would say all three of these trips fall into the “major success” category!

In addition to the return of the trips, we had some other excitement this morning. After breakfast, we had our first Fudd’s Challenge of the summer. While we do not have traditional cabin clean-up on Sundays, once in a while (when we need a deep clean), we do a special Sunday clean-up. Cliff does the grading and the winning/cleanest cabins go to Fudd’s Ice Cream Shop. Needless to say, ice cream is a big motivator around here. Cabins worked together and put a lot of effort into cleaning their cabins. After lunch, Cliff announced- in dramatic fashion- that Timber Walk, Rafter^X and Wagon Ridge were today’s Fudd’s Challenge winners. The campers and counselors from those three cabins headed off for ice cream right after dinner!

After the cleaning was completed, most cabins worked on their Lip Syncs. Others played cards and some even went tubing! It was an all-around amazing Cabin Day morning for campers and counselors alike. Then this afternoon, UN Day teams held meetings in preparation for tomorrow. They learned & practiced cheers, signed up for their activities and got hyped for tomorrow’s big day!

Before dinner, we had a Coin Ceremony. We have been doing Coin Ceremonies each Tuesday afternoon but with the session ending so soon, we needed to get another ceremony under our belts in order to honor so many deserving campers and staff members. Vivien L was honored for her optimism, Annie S was honored for her strength, Addie S & Blake R were honored for their resilience, Jenna W was honored for her humility, Reagan K was honored for her cooperation and Stella G was honored for her empathy. All of these campers have demonstrated these characteristics consistently throughout their time at camp and this afternoon they were reminded that these traits are important to us here at CRC.

Tonight’s pizza dinner was delicious and was followed by what is typically the most entertaining Tan and White game each summer…Skit Night! The Braves from each team created and performed a commercial, the Hunters made up and performed a new cheer, the Warriors wrote and sang a new song and the Chiefs planned and performed a skit. Tans and Whites had a bit of time to prepare their commercials, cheers, songs and skits before performing for the entire camp. While each group was impressive, the highlight for me was the White Hunter cheer. I legit think they should make it an official White Team cheer! Both teams did an outstanding job but tonight, the Whites came out on top.

And that was our day at #TheRanch2019. It was the perfect ending to week three- plenty of time hanging with our cabinmates, some preparation for the week ahead and lots of good food :). Time sure seems to be flying by too quickly around here- we are trying to take each moment as it comes and savor it…that’s really all we can do to appreciate our time on Dam Lake! I am looking forward to keeping you posted on all of the amazingness that the week ahead will bring. That’s all for now though…thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,