The Sari Diaries - Friday 7/5/19

Thursday, July 04 by Sari Hirsch

Dearest Chippies,

Soph Aloaf here writing to you after one of my favorite days yet of #TheRanch2019. It may not be my usual Thursday night slot, but I am grateful to have an opportunity to recap the events of a Friday as incredible as this one. It was a scorcher out here on County O, with levels of enthusiasm and energy to match the heat. Overall, no complaints coming from this little corner of paradise. Now on to the specifics…

In typical Friday fashion, we started our day off with some Chippy-inspired tunes during breakfast. It set a nice tone for the rest of the day, which definitely didn’t disappoint. At skiing, Hayden R dropped, Molly P crossed the wakes on one ski and Sadie G crossed the wakes on two skis. 5th period tennis players were lucky enough to be coached by the one and only Sari Hirsch, and I was lucky enough to spend my rest hour hanging out with the cabin of Circle C. Throughout the day, cooking classes made delicious butterscotch blondies and the Chippy Anglers took the pontoon across Dam Lake in hopes of catching some perch. All in all, it was an awesome day here at CRC—one of many this summer, to say the least!

Tonight’s campfire theme was Female Empowerment. I personally am a huge fan of Friday night campfires. There is something special about grounding our week in a program centered around the qualities and values that lie at the core of the Chippewa way. But tonight’s theme is one that holds exceptional importance for each and every one of us—both within our camp community as well as outside of it. Liesel G led us through a series of quotes, sermonettes and keylog dedications that reinforced the pride that both our Chippewa and our female identities bring us all. It was a remarkable night that underscored how lucky we are to be here, at a place where women build up other women and take pride in the accomplishments and successes of each other. I walk away from this campfire holding tight to the privilege that is a summer at CRC. To the people it has brought into my life, the moments it has allowed me to witness and the experiences it has allowed me to partake in. I will always be grateful that Chippewa has shown me what it looks like and feels like to be a woman proud to stand up for those around me and what I believe in. To be someone that leads with integrity and compassion, and who values community and individuality equally. And most importantly, to be surrounded by others who feel the same way.

People ask me frequently what the best part about camp is, and it is undoubtedly nights (and days) like this.

Thanks for reading, see you all next week!

Soph Aloaf