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As our campers, staff and alumni know, wearing CRC gear feels different than wearing any other clothes. There is a certain feeling we get when we show our Chippy spirit through our wardrobe. Be it putting on a Chippewa hoodie to go to school, walking into an afterschool activity in a CRC logo tee, or heading to the Center Fire Circle on a Friday night decked in layers of Chippy apparel, it feels good to know that what we are wearing has meaning. It is knowing that we are a part of a community of people from across the world that spans generations. It is feeling confident that the CRC logo represents kindness, strength and growth. And that in wearing Chippy gear we are demonstrating the pride we have in calling Chippewa our summer home. And because of the positive vibes we all get when dressed in CRC attire, we wanted to take this opportunity to let everybody know about how to order the officially licensed Chippewa clothing line.

Okay, okay…Maybe this is all a bit over the top. Really, we just want our camp families to know exactly how to purchase Chippy gear. Here are some options:

  1. The Chippy Store: The Chippy Store has the most extensive line of CRC products. From required summer items to apparel to be worn year-round, there are a ton of options here. Orders for the LIMITED EDITION items must be placed by November 27th and will be delivered in time for the holidays by December 20th. The rest of the Chippy store stays open all year long and we will periodically update the offerings. You will love the whole collection so be sure to visit the official store of Chippewa Ranch Camp!
  2. The CRC Winter Pop-Up Shop: The CRC Winter Pop-Up Shop is the very first of its kind when it comes to Chippy apparel. Orders at this pop-up shop must be placed by November 19th and will also be delivered in time for the holidays. There are some unique and very cool items…perfect for gifts this Winter!
  3. Everything Summer Camp: Everything Summer Camp is a one-stop-shop for your camping needs. You can get both logo gear as well as many packing list items…all in one place!

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or would like more details!