The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 6/26/18

Monday, June 25 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I want to start by thanking Classic Jaksich for her incredible post last night. I am sure you all agree that not only are her writing skills impressive but she also brought a unique perspective to TSD. She has been a wonderful asset to CRC this summer and we are grateful that she chose to spend a couple of weeks with us!

As for today, it was awesome! The most exciting news of the day is that we have three new Chippy Bats…a huge congratulations to Rebecca V, Dani G and Izzy R. Becoming a Chippy Bat is a big deal around here- their many years of hard work has definitely paid off! In other activity news, I was lucky enough to see Leah C glide down the zipline this afternoon. She had a huge smile on her face as she whizzed by and she really seemed to have zero fear! Over at archery, Nicole L got 30 golds in one period and Lindsay B has racked up 158 golds so far this summer…that is impressive!

All three camping trips returned back to CRC with stories of their adventures. Avery K and Sabrina M were raving about their canoe trip…they explained it as “the best trip ever.” Wagon Ridge loved seeing the waterfall at Bond Falls and C-C and Bowed Legs enjoyed the awesome hike at Copper Falls. Overall, we had a great start to tripping at #TheRanch2018!

This evening we headed to Timberlane for a wonderful social. As always, the Timberlane Boys planned a fun and exciting night. There was a carnival with fortune telling, a pudding eating contest, mini golf, a dunk tank and face painting. A great time was had by all!

And now everyone is fast asleep preparing for a lovely tomorrow. Trailriders is heading to Mackinac Island and Silverspurs, Lucky-X and Circle C will enjoy a trip to Crystal Lake. Okay, that’s all for now…good night and thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,