The Sari Diaries - Thursday 6/28/18

Wednesday, June 27 by Sari Hirsch


Dearest Chippies,

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it’s been a week since I wrote you last. So much has happened in the past seven days, yet it simultaneously feels as if no time has passed at all. It’s a bizarre—and frankly annoying—phenomenon. Happens every summer but I’ve yet to get used to it. And while life at camp is pretty much as close to perfect as it gets, at a juncture like this I would really like to be able to slow down time and figure out how to be in 10 places around camp at once…


… can we get on this, Random House?

Alright- moving on. Today was yet another noteworthy (Letter Writing) day at #TheRanch2018. I was lucky enough to spend 1st period on a ski boat with Hope F, Sasha G, Sadie G and Julia N. Despite it being a scorcher, we were able to get out on the lake while the water was perfect for skiing and before the worst of the heat hit. All four girls were working on getting up on two skis, and their determination and enthusiasm was contagious from the second we loaded the boat. Sadie G ended up getting up and around on two and it was seriously the greatest thing to watch. The whole time she skied she was screaming, “this is so fun!” I mean, that alone made my day. And while we’re on the topic, shout out to Sarah Stahlberger for being an awesome ski instructor. Sadie was one of three girls who passed levels today thanks to Sarah’s instruction. Way to go!


After an exciting day of activities, we rounded out the night with the Camper Talent Show. As some of you may know, this program is one that plays a significant role in my personal history at CRC (if you haven’t heard Cliff recount my “A Thousand Miles” performance back in 2004, it is definitely worth an ask the next time you see him). Anyways, my point in mentioning this is that I always feel proud of kids that choose to get up on stage to perform on this night. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to stand in front of the entire camp and sing or dance or perform a skit. Tonight was a night that reminded me how much talent we have running through this place. Everyone who performed did an amazing job and it was so much fun to watch!


That’s about all I have to say tonight. Like every other day so far this summer, today was a day filled with energy, excitement and Chippy pride. I look forward to writing you all again next Thursday, however, I do hope that the time between now and then stretches out a liiiiitle more than the past week. See you then!

Soph Aloaf