The Sari Diaries- Saturday 6/30/18

Friday, June 29 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I hope you enjoyed last night’s edition of TSD. I have to say that it has been absolutely amazing to have Classic Jaksich at camp and she will be greatly missed by many when she departs. In addition to all that she added to life at Chippewa (positive energy, enthusiasm towards every program and an incredible work ethic), she wrote her two blog entries beautifully…they pretty much made me cry both nights. So a huge thank-you to Jessica for sharing her summer with us…she truly left her mark at #TheRanch2018!

As for today, it was a good one at CRC. It was another scorcher but we enjoyed every minute. This morning, we had regular activities and Hayden R got up and around the lake on two skis…way to go Hayden! In other exciting news, Nicole L split an arrow at archery (she shot an arrow directly on top of another arrow that was already on the target)…this is nearly impossible, but Nicole made it happen.

This afternoon we changed things up a bit due to the heat. Campers rotated between free swim, water activities in the north and south fields, and ice cream at Elmers! Needless to say, campers enjoyed cooling off in the lake, in the fields and most importantly, at Elmers.

To complete this fabulous day, Camp Horseshoe joined us this evening for a social at CRC. The weather turned a bit wet so we moved things inside. We had activities in the new building, snacks in the lodge and dancing in the theater. It was great to see our friends from Horseshoe- as always, it was a blast!

That’s about all from me for tonight- I am looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow…Sunday morning breakfast, sign-ups, cabin day, and screen on the green…it is going to be awesome! Thanks for reading…have a good night!

Happy Camping and Love,